Our Vision

We are not in the business of swing trading, avoiding the chase after short-term gains in stocks and other financial instruments. We believe in the power of long-term investments, thus constantly looking for investment opportunities with high-yield prospects, mainly in the dynamic fields of technology, biotechnology, renewable energy and smart urban infrastructures.

Our Team

Pro Invest offers its global investors with the opportunity to work with top of the line investment professionals, each holding years of hands-on experience in field of global investments. No matter its scale, our highly committed team treats each investor with great care, providing it with close guidance, tailor-made consulting services and diversified investment opportunities. Our in-house team of professionals includes business analysts, financial consultants, tax experts, business strategists, business development consultants, portfolio managers, financing experts and risk management consultants. To strengthen our global reach, we operate long-standing business partnerships with business and investment professionals worldwide.

Our Strengths

We are always ahead of market and offer our clients with innovative thinking and smart financial insights


We employ highly proficient investment professionals and offer our clients with close guidance throughout the investment's lifecycle


We are passionate about investments and play as an active investor in each and every one of Pro Invest's investments


We deliver our global investors with wide-spectrum of tailor made investment solutions and high-yield CAGRs (compound annual growth rates)


We hold long-standing relationships with our clients, providers and key figures in the global financial field


We are constantly learning and growing, while taking lessons learned into account by improving our investment methodologies


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